Edible Landscaping Victoria BCEdible Landscaping Victoria BC

Edible Landscaping Victoria BC

Edible Landscaping

Don’t wait until it’s too late to grow an amazing garden this spring and summer! If you have a backyard or balcony that sits empty each year, transform it into an edible landscape that will provide you with an abundance of food throughout the changing seasons. Edible landscaping is a holistic approach to creating sustainable, beautiful and bountiful outdoor gardens, feet away from where you prepare each meal.

West Coast Micro Greens Inc. provides edible landscaping services to Victoria B.C. – Canada and surrounding areas. We specialize in creating dynamic gardens that simultaneously grow vegetables, fruit trees, berry bushes and flowers while helping regenerate the land. Each garden is designed to capture and store rainwater, build soil, and create habitat for beneficial insects, animals and microbes, while providing high quality produce for people that they’re tied to. Using permaculture practices, we create site-specific, productive, low maintenance edible landscapes. Whether you have three acres, a small lot, or a shared apartment patio, everyone can benefit from the joy of an edible landscape.

What we Offer

  • Design and Installation
  • Irrigation
  • Compost
  • Maintenance
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Balcony & Patio Gardens
  • Fruit Trees & Berry Bushes
  • Culinary Herbs
  • Plants for Tea & Medicine

Our Process


A consultation provides you with a detailed assessment of your site’s unique challenges and possibilities as well as an opportunity to discuss your goals. This helps us to map out our next steps to get growing, building on the foundation of your existing landscape.


We work with each client to create unique designs tailored to their needs and resources, whether it is a small organic vegetable garden or a large commercial operation, each design begins with a detailed examination of your sun exposure, soil and site layout to ensure that our landscapes work in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.


We prepare each site using regenerative treatments to restore and build upon your existing soil, creating the ideal conditions for abundant growth. Our methods ensure a perennially easy, rewarding, and sustainable experience.


We use only the highest quality-locally sourced materials and plants to build great gardens. Most people are simply amazed by what our team can accomplish in such a small amount of time!


While our landscapes are designed for maximum self-maintenance at minimal cost, most folks want a little help growing into their new garden. Our custom maintenance plans reduce the learning curve, keeping the landscape in optimal health.


Because each garden is different in scale and scope, we work with you to create a holistic plan that fits your budget. For your free consultation phone:

1.250.885.4892 or email: westcoastmicrogreensinc@gmail.com