15 GL JackPot
15 GL JackPot15 GL JackPot15 GL JackPot

15 GL – JackPot


JackPots are made from a rigid, porous, polypropylene fabric that is safe for organic growing. The self-supporting fabric exposes the roots of plants to oxygen, so they are air pruned and stay healthy for longer without becoming root bound. The JackPot can be moved at the grower’s convenience to capture better sunlight or to avoid rain. JackPots are UV protected and will last for several years.

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Product Description

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Shipping and handling charges apply. To receive a free shipping estimate, please email: info@westcoastmicrogreens.com or call 1.250.885.4892.


All orders shipped within 15-65 days of payment. Orders are prepaid or Cash on Delivery (c.o.d. charges apply). Overseas orders require advance payment.

Patent Information

JackPots are protected under patent #6,612,072.

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Additional Information

Weight 0.239 lbs
Dimensions 38 x 29 x 6 in
Minimum Quantity Orders

100, 50, 20


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