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Balcony Farm Kit


Apartment Micro Farm Kit



6 – 15- Gallon JackPots™

Add Soil Mix From Local Provider

Micro Farm Kits provide a diversified agricultural production system, using technologically efficient, above-ground agricultural practices that:

  • Easily ship and can be setup in hours
  • Grow nutritious food faster with quantifiable results
  • Can be stored, packed and moved in hours
  • Strengthen disaster preparedness
  • Are cost effective and scalable
  • Facilitate resource stewardship by recycling compost and using 85% less water
  • Provide a resource for food assistance, nutrition and community resilience

Product Description

Balcony Farm Kit – diversified small-scale agricultural production system, using economically efficient, above-ground agricultural practices. Balcony Farm Kits maximize growing space while greatly reducing your time and labour. No more tilling, weeding, aerating  — it is simply not necessary. Incredibly outgrow conventional farmers with a faster, larger and better-tasting product than the earth-bound competition!

Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling charges apply. To receive a free shipping estimate, please email: info@westcoastmicrogreens.com or call 1.250.885.4892.


All orders shipped within 15-65 days of payment. Orders are prepaid or Cash on Delivery (c.o.d. charges apply). Overseas orders require advance payment.

Patent Information

JackPots are protected under patent #6,612,072.

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