Agricultural Services

Agricultural Services

Agricultural ServicesThe need to increase food security on a domestic and global level has never been greater. Climate change, water shortages, and diminishing natural resources are some of the most important challenges of our time. Therefore, we believe that it is essential for communities to possess the tools that they require to enhance food security for generations to come.

Agricultural Services

In response, West Coast Micro Greens offers a wide range of agricultural services including our featured Micro Farm Kits that can be shipped anywhere in the world and set up in days. Each kit is a single, deliverable unit that contains all of the core components needed to sustainable a successful farming operation. Enabling local food production, our kits can be established on a rooftop, parking lot, or in areas with non-arable land.

Our micro farm kits enable better growing by:

  • Quantifying yield results and maximizing each growing season
  • Incorporating sustainability into our automated production system
  • Using 85% less water while providing options for rain water capture cisterns
  • Creating organic soil amendments on site using regenerative growing practices
  • Improving and contributing to local communities where we grow
  • Reducing food security by growing food right where it is eaten
  • Improving gender equity and empowerment

Our mandate is to establish commercial, residential and urban growing operations wherein our company will consult on and provide our customers with the necessary equipment and information they need to start, maintain and manage their operation. We cater to all growers by providing them with kits that are specifically tailored to accommodate their production scale and requirements.

Our company is committed to helping you grow. Whether it is through establishing a commercial, residential or urban farming operations. We believe that quality food begins with proper growing equipment and techniques.

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