veggies-1Why do we need urban farming?

It is estimated by the year 2050 that the world will need 60% more food than we are currently producing. As this reality continues in a future defined by concerns of food security, adequate nutrition, community resilience, and reliable income, we must look to new and innovative methods of providing for this changing world.

Urban farming is a pursuit that could mitigate many food security concerns. Most people who dismiss the idea of growing their own food do so mainly because of lack of prior experience, adequate space, coupled with lack of capital. However, intensive urban farming on even half an acre can yield enough food to feed 100 families.

West Coast Micro Greens has successfully piloted urban farming projects using our specially formulated kits. Our kits use 85% less water than conventional farming while increasing productivity by 400% in the same area of land. This is due to maximizing the growing space while greatly reducing your time and labour. No more tilling, digging, weeding and planting for hours -- it is simply not necessary. Incredibly outgrow conventional farmers with a faster, larger and better-tasting product closer to where it is being eaten!

Micro farm kits are almost entirely self-sustaining. With custom drip irrigation systems, all watering is done on timers, making the growing process simple, yet effective. There are endless options to incorporate sustainable technologies from rain water cisterns to using composting receptacles on site. All vegetables are grown in air-pruning growing containers – cylindrical geotextile bags that allow air to reach the roots, water to drain efficiently and the roots to move freely – rather than in rows tilled into the ground. This allows the roots to remain cooler in the hot climate and is also ideal for growing a large amount of vegetables in a small area. 

The value proposition of this system is its flexibility. Having the ability to establish a portable farm that can be setup in hours allows growers in urban settings to grow anywhere and earn a livelihood. Operations on leased land can be established temporarily to a specific site and moved to accommodate land owners, unlike traditional community gardens. 

More and more, people are embracing the farm to table movement. Our mandate is to create thousands of urban farms internationally to overcome the obstacle of localized food production. Urban farms create a sense of community and pride that is otherwise lost in today’s urban landscape and our mandate is to see this system continue to grow.

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Urban Farming